Air purifier MCK55TVM6

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  • Active Plasma Ion technology, purify the air in the room
  • Streamer technology, purify the air which taken into the purifier
  • Humidifier
  • Restrain viruses, bacterias, germs, and odors
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Highlight Feature

Daikin's air purifier cleans the air with by Active Plasma Ion and Streamer discharging technology to restrain viruses, bacteria, allergens and odours. It can also increase the humidification's degree in the air to moisturize the skin. Furthermore, it suppresses the skin's irritation caused by the dry air. It is as well equipped with Electrostatic HEPA filter that is capable of collecting up dust.

Active Plasma Ion Techonology

Active Plasma Ion is the technology that purifier discharges the negative ion into the room, react with the air in order to generate OH Radical which can decay unpleasant protein particles to eliminate germs, fungus, allergens, odour and bacteria. It also helps moisturize the skin.


Streamer Technology

The streamer discharges the plasma electron with high-speed that could decompose viruses, bacteria, fungus, hazardous chemical substances and allergens. Its decomposing power toward those certain pollution is as equal as the 100,000 C heat. (This is a comparison of the decomposing power toward the pollution agents. In the regular operation, temperature will be at normal room temperature.)



If the air is too dry because of the air conditioner, it may cause the skin drier, rough and wrinkles. It may also cause the inflammation of the nasal mucosa and neck. Moisture increasing will alleviate these matters.


Deodorizing Filter

Carbon-type deodorizing filter can remove the unpleasant odours by using the Streamer technology to eliminate odours and dirt.


3-way air inlet and can be placed next to the wall

The tower-like design, can be placed at all corners of the room, takes space only 27 x 27 cm with the 3-way air inlet (front-left-right) and 1 way air outlet at top of the purifier. So, it can be placed near the wall. Suitable for the 41 sq.m. room.


Mimimum quiet operation at 19 decibels

The large-size air outlet reduces the operation sound. Fan's position is placed at the bottom part while filter acts as the sound-absorbing sheet that make the minimum quiet operation sound at only 19 decibels.


3 Dirt-Detection sensors

Intensive particles detection sensor can filter large dust and small particle which is smaller than PM 2.5. In Auto Mode, the purifier can deodorize and purify the air to eliminate the dirt.




Product specification

Specification Unit MCK55TVM6

Product Features

Maximum Room Capacity    พื้นที่ห้องไม่เกิน 41 ตร.ม.
Power Source (V/Ph/Hz)    1 เฟส x 220-240/220-230 โวลต์ (50/60 เฮิทซ์)
Color    ขาว
Machine size (height x width x depth (mm))    700 x 270 x 270
Features    ล็อคป้องกันเด็ก ปรับความสว่างของไฟแสดงสถานะ
Operation Modes    ทำงานเบา, แรงดูดต่ำ, แรงดูดปกติ, แรงดูดเทอร์โบ

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