Smart Air Conditioner FTKF09WV2S : 9,200 BTU/h

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  • Energy saving number 5, 1 star-level.
  • The intelligent eye system, Motion detection, Reduce energy consumption when the room is no one.
  • Coanda design for sending air to the ceiling, quickly cool thoroughly.
  • Filters for good air quality, filter both PM2.5 dust and germs.
  • Dehumidification system to prevent unpleasant odors from mold and bacteria.
  • Withstands surges up to 440V, protecting the circuit from damage.
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Highlight Feature

Inverter system air conditioner Daikin 9,200 BTU/h with the  intelligent eyes, Motion detection, Reduce energy consumption when no one is in the room.Coanda design, blow air to the ceiling. Cooling throughout the room. Comes with a filter for good air quality which can filter both PM2.5 dust and germs. Reduce odors from mold and bacteria with the dehumidification function, Electricity bills saving with energy saving number 5, 1 star-level.

Energy saving number 5, 1 star-level

Received a label of energy saving number 5, 1 star-level with the highest SEER value of 19.22

*allowing you to save on electricity bills in every usage.

*Model FTKF12WV2S

The intelligent eye for comfort and energy saving

With the intelligent eye system, you can easily save more energy just in one touch , just press “the Intelligent Eye “button on the remote,

the air conditioner will reduce energy consumption when no one is in the room. By raising the temperature of 2 degrees Celsius.

Coanda design

Coanda mask design, make a greater airflow range across the ceiling. quickly cool thoroughly.

Air Quality Filter (PM2.5 & Enzyme Blue)

The latest filter is not only filter PM2.5 fine but also inhibit unpleasant odors, Allergens, viruses and bacteria effectively by

Enzyme Blue technology. It has been tested for inhibit germs effectively.

Mold-proof Operation 

In general, if the air conditioner has not been cleaned for a long time, it will have an unpleasant odor from mold around the cooling coil or

drain pan when using. Daikin can reduce this musty smell and mold inside the machine easily by holding “the Mold button  “for 2 seconds then press “the stop button” The compressor will stop working. The air conditioner will automatically switch to the fan mode

to reduce the humidity inside the machine for 1 hour, reducing the musty smell during restart.

Precise Cooling

The temperature can be increased and decreased by 0.5 degrees Celsius. Bring us closer to the coolness and comfort.

It also can adjust the temperature as low as 16 degrees Celsius for more cooling.

Super PCB Pro

Extra durable circuit board which can work even a power drop to 150 volts, continuous coolness and worry less about the power

surge problem. Durable up to 440 volts with dust-proof coating humidity and insects. Warranty 3 full years.

Swing inverter compressor

The swing compressor from Daikin is unique compared to other inverter systems. The spindle and roller are joined together as a single unit for rotation.This reduces vibration and friction. decreases leakage of refrigerant during compressing.This makes the operation quieter and more efficient.

When starting, the system will accelerate the compressor to cool faster. The system will shorten the compressor cycle once the target temperature is reached.maintain a stable temperature.Reduce noise and power surges. Energy saving than non-inverter systems.

Refrigerant R32

R32 is an environmentally friendly refrigerant used at Thailand for the first time by Daikin.  It’s cooler than R22 and R410A type.

The compressor will not work too hard, so make it  faster in cooling , energy savings, does not destroy the ozone layer  three time less of

global warming making  (GWP) than R410A. More than one million units of R32-Wall mounted split air conditioner have been sold in Japan.

Product specification

Specification Unit FTKF09WV2S
Cooling Capacity BTU/h 9,200 (3,400-9,900)
Power Consumption W 860
SEER BTU/W-h 19.12
Power Source V/Ph/Hz 220 V / 1 Phase / 50 Hz
Estimated Electricity Charge * Baht/yr
Indoor Unit Model FTKF09WV2S
Front Panel Color Pure White (ขาวสดใส)
Front Panel Size (HxWxD) mm
Front Panel Weight kg
Air Flow Rate H/SL cfm (H/M/L/SL) 9.9(350)/8.4(297)/7.1(251)/4.6(162)
Fan Speed 5 Steps, Quiet, Auto
Static Pressure
Air Direction Control Auto Swing (Up-Down) สวิงอัตโนมัติเฉพาะ (ขึ้น-ลง)
Air Filter PM2.5 & Enzyme Blue
Sound Level H/M/L/SL dB(A) 36/32/27/19
Dimension (HxWxD) mm 285x770x226
Weight kg 8
Outdoor Unit Model RKF09WV2S
Casing Color Ivory White (ขาวงาช้าง)
Air Flow Rate H/SL cfm (H/SL) 15.1(533)/12.8(452)
Sound Level db(A) (H/SL) 47/44
Dimension (HxWxD) mm 418x695x244
Weight kg 19
Compressor Type Hermetically Sealed Swing Type
Refrigerant R32
Chargeless m 15
Max. Interunit Piping Length m 15
Max. Interunit Height Difference m 12

Product Features

Refrigerant and operation system
R32 Refrigerant    
R410A Refrigerant    
System    อินเวอร์เตอร์แบบสวิง
Cooling and airflow
Circulation Airflow    
Auto Vertical Swing (Up-Down)    
Auto airflow rate    
Auto airflow rate    
Heating Operation
Auto Cooling and Heating Operation    Cooling Only
Intelligent Eye function
Infrared sensor detects movements    
Envergy saving mode    
Operation Mode
Powerful Operation for fast cooling    
Econo Operation    
Fan only operation    
0.5 degrees Celsius per adjustment    
Health-friendly Technology
Anri-bacteria drain pan    
Mold-proof Operation    Drying Only
เทคโนโลยีเพื่อสุขภาพ    Air quality filter (Enzyme Blue & PM 2.5)
Countdown On-Off Timer    
Anti-corrosion treatment of outdoor heat exchanger fins    
Super PCB PRO    150 - 440 V
Detachable, washable water collector    
Check any abnormality by remote control.    
Remote Control System
Wireless remote control    
Wi-Fi connection by extra devices    Option
Work and servicing
10-15 meters pipe run without adding refrigerants    15 m.

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